These books were drawn and painted and then made into offset printed into editions of 500 or so copies. Most of them are available for order on the SHOP page of my website.

Tunnel Books

Tunnel Books – Laura Davidson 

On my first trip abroad as a young artist, I fell in love with the idea of traveling from place to place, seeing the art and architecture that I had only experienced in slide form in art history classes and books. I was dependent on travel guides, not having the Internet at that time to help me choose my destinations. Wandering through flea markets in Paris and Florence, I began to collect old travel guides. By design, these Baedeker and Blue Guide books were not meant as collectables, but as something to put in your pocket and wander with. I found tattered books with notations, a hand written train schedule and hotel receipt from 1893, dried flowers and various other mementos. 

Back home in the studio, I wanted to combine my love of travel with the passion I had developed for these books. This led to an ongoing project of creating tunnel books based on my favorite views. For the second and third books in the series, Florence and Paris, I drew directly on guidebook pages. The pages were then scanned, printed and die cut in editions of 500 copies, and each book was assembled by hand. 

There are six in my series of tunnel books views so far. The first was the view outside my window of Boston’s Big Dig project, called Tunnel Vision in 2001. Then I followed with Florence, Paris, Fenway Park, and in 2010, Venice, with a view of Piazza San Marco. 

In 2011, I created Fort Point - Boston, which shows the view of Boston Harbor from my neighborhood and the harbor walk where I ride my bike.  

Tunnel Books are available in the SHOP page of my website.

Birder's Alphabet

This book is a series of delicately painted birds, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. The paintings have been reproduced and bound into an edition of 500 copies. They are offset printed on Monadnock dulcet paper, 56 pages, and full color throughout. Each copy is signed by the artist. For adults and children alike, this book is now in its second edition of 500 copies.

A Birder's Alphabet

2002, 7 x 5 inch cover
Offset printed alphabet book
29 pages
Each copy is signed
500 copies (second edition)
edition is sold out


A Tool Alphabet

A Tool Alphabet

2004, 7.5 square inches
Offset printed book
66 pages, full color, embossed cover with copper grommets
The first 300 copies are signed and numbered
1000 copies


Random Thoughts on Hope

Random Thoughts on Hope

2006, 4.5 square inches
12 pages, full color front and back. the last page holds a 2 volvelles which create numerous possibilities for changing text on the subject of hope.
The first 300 copies are signed and numbered
500 copies



Espresso Pot 6 ways

Espresso Pot 6 ways
Offset limited edition book, 500 copies
accordion size stretches to 31” x 2 7/8”

Think coffee. This tiny book is an accordion structure. The pages are filled with views of espresso pots. The reverse side shows an urban view with some unlikely additions. The book has a reusable band, and folds to 2 7/8” x 2 ¼” with a 3/8” spine.

My Mr. Darcys

My Mr. Darcys, 2009, is a tribute to the many actors who have played the role of Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice adaptations. It includes portrait miniatures of 6 actors along with text from each film.  It is especially made for the true Austenite.

There are 500 copies, each signed and numbered. $28

When I was doing research for this book, I had to re-watch all of the Pride and Prejudice films, taking notes about which line would work with each painted miniature of the actors who played Mr. Darcy. It was total immersion! When it came to the text on the back of my book, I knew which line from P&P I wanted to use, but had no idea where to find it quickly. I phoned my older sister Paula, a devoted Austenite and the one who introduced me to Jane originally. She was driving, pulled off the road, and reached into the side pocket of the passenger door to pull out her emergency copy of P&P and found the passage for me right away. At the time - I was amused by this. But now, of course, I carry an emergency copy of P&P on my phone (along with Persuasion).

Paris Notebook

Paris Notebook


This book is subtitled “Je suis un touriste a Paris” (I am a tourist in Paris). It is a small spiral bound notebook filled with 24 pages of sketches and watercolors of Parisian sites, artworks, photos, and bits of ephemera.
Limited edition book, 500 copies
4.25 x 3 inches, 24 pages