Draw Me! Matchbooks

This ongoing series is inspired by the vintage matchbooks that offered free art lessons if one could draw the person on the cover.  My matchbooks are made from paper.  The front cover is a portrait of an author drawn in silverpoint; the back shows a quote from their work. On the inside are ink drawn matches and a facsimile signature of the person pictured with the words “draw me!” as a nod to my inspiration. The matchbooks are housed in a paper wrapper in the form of a matchbox. They are drawn in ink and wash. I enjoy talking about ideas for singles or sets, and can make custom orders.

Single author with Matchbox $220 

Perfect Match-sets of 2 are $450

Boxed sets of 4 are $850

E.M. Forster, Lewis Carroll, Herman Melville, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson and Lin Manuel Miranda are shown above.

Gertrude and Alice- The Perfect Match.jpg

The Perfect Match Gertrude and Alice, 2014

Gertrude’s quote is from The Love Song of Alice B. Alice’s quite is “This has been a most wonderful evening- Gertrude has said things it will take her years to understand.” The box cover shows a ink drawn copy of a love letter. In the collection of the SFMOMA Library.

The Grande Dames of the Golden Age of British Detective Fiction

The Grande Dames of the Golden Age of British Detective Fiction, 2014

Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy L. Sayers

When We Were Very Young, 2014

Authors based on my some of my childhood favorites.

L. Frank Baum, Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, A.A. Milne

The Perfect Match Rodgers & Hammerstein, 2014

On the back of the Rodgers matchbook is a drawing of the beginning of the score for “Oklahoma”. The Hammerstein matchbook has the first line of the lyrics. The box cover is a drawn copy of one of their songs. In the Collection of the Library of Congress.