Cranes Bookend A Street, Silverpoint 

Cranes Bookend A Street, Silverpoint 


graphite and ink on paper

Silverpoint drawings

My Fort Point drawings are based on a collection of glass-plate negatives (circa 1898-1907) given by the Boston Wharf Company to the Boston Public Library’s Print Department. The history of this area is fascinating to me. In the late 1880 to the 1930s, ships arrived in the channel with cargo such as wool and molasses to store in the wharves. The first silverpoint is a view of the Fort Point Channel towards Summer Street, and the Necco area. The second drawing is my studio building, 249-259 A Street 18” x 23”, silverpoint on ground on Magnani Pescia gray paper

Drawing Tuscany



Mixed media collage using painted vintage postcards, seashell buttons, a key, a bookpage. 15” x 25”. Framed in a maple. Price on request

Painted Postcards

I’ve been collecting vintage black and white postcards of paintings, sculpture and buildings for years, mostly from street vendors in Florence, Paris and Rome. Postcards are keepsakes - reminders of a place and time. Using ink, paint and gold leaf, I work directly on the surface of the postcards, transforming them into personalized souvenirs.