In this ongoing series, I am inspired by the retro graphics of vintage needle books and sewing notions. I recreate the needle books as facsimiles in ink and use them as book covers. The pages are drawings of various notions and other related items on Frankfurt paper. Each needle book has a wrapper made from St. Armand handmade paper, with a drawing of a threaded needle using real thread.



Rocket Needle Book, 2015

Sewing Notions & Miniature Machines

This needle book holds two 12 pages books, one with images of sewing notions such as needle books, button cards, and other ephemera. The other is filled with miniature sewing machines, which we seem to have an abundance of in my house! Price on request



Pico Needle Book, 2016


The 16 pages are filled with drawings of various needle packs. The title page shows stitching samples done with embroidery thread. There is a drawn needle threaded with embroidery floss on the colophon page. Price on request



Modern Needle Book, 2016 

Buttons, Hooks & Snaps

On the inside cover the this book there is a drawn paper facsimile of an embroidery needle pack. The 16 page book shows the front and back of button, snap and hook cards. Sold

Starlite Needle Book, 2017

Tiny Sharps

There are 8 pages in this miniature needle book. The closed book cover measures 3.25" h x 1.75" w. The images are ink drawn replicas of tiny needle packs. The last page holds a removable threader made of paper. Price on Request.

Alberly Coffee Needle Book, 2017

This book, based on a promotional give away, is drawn with ink. The closed book measures 3"h x 4.25 w". Inside there is a drawn copy of a needle pack that opens and a drawing of needles, one of which is threaded. Price on request.